AHRMIO Annual Conference 2023: A Recap in Gratitude

Relive the AHRMIO Annual Conference 2023 Experience

Welcome to the AHRMIO Annual Conference 2023, where innovation meets inspiration, and transformation paves the way for a brighter future in HR practices.

Our conference was not just an event; it was a transformative journey, a convergence of brilliant minds, thought leaders, and HR professionals passionate about shaping the future of work.

Latest News

Transformative leadership in international organizations
– How far are we?

Effective leadership is fundamental to strengthen international organizations’ (IOs’) relevance. In 2017, the UN System Chief Executive Board for Coordination…

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Moving Your Organization Forward but Resist the Hype

Every innovation is a recombination of older innovations. Even the lowly paperclip is only possible to produce because previous inventors…

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AHRMIO Welcomes MSH International as a New Sponsor

We are proud to welcome MSH International into the AHRMIO community as a new sponsor, effective from 1st January 2018.…

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Stepping Outside the Bubble – The Case for Open and Diverse Networks

I grew up in a new age town surrounded by meditating, herbal tea drinking, liberals. It was all I knew.…

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