Use of Self in Professional Practice: The What and How with Update from Global Research

September 25 2020, 12:00 - 1:00PM ET

AHRMIO is pleased to share, from one of it’s partners, Pennsylvania State University, the following webinar as part of an ongoing webinar series.

The Use of Self (UoS) concepts have been with OD since the early years, as most of what we do is work with people in systems, using influence, facilitation and forms of leadership to help with design and execution of changes. It has also been used and taught for many clinical roles like psychologists, social workers and nurses. Recently, there is also more attention within leadership ranks as our leaders are very impactful on others and can be much more effective with managing their UoS.
In this webinar, we will clarify the roots, basic concepts, processes and practices that help people to understand themselves better, use their resources in applied practice, manage how they show up and have intended impacts on others. And, the results of the first-ever, global research project, that has been recently completed by Drs. Mee Yan Cheung-Judge and David Jamieson, will be shared and discussed.
Our UoS is the primary instrument and methodology used in most professional practice. When all the education, skill development, personality factors, attitudes and values are being used, it all comes through who we are and gets filtered, screened, included, denied, managed or slipped out of us. We have awareness and strengths as well as less developed and hidden aspects of ourselves that influence all we do. Our self-understanding is our platform for becoming our best self. Our experiences and reflective learning provide our growth, choices and behavioral effectiveness over our lives. We continuously improve our effectiveness through our development of how we use ourselves in practice.



Dr. David W. Jamieson