Transforming Organizational Culture in the Age of Innovation

August 28 2020, 12:00 - 1:00PM ET

AHRMIO is pleased to share, from one of it’s partners, Pennsylvania State University, the following webinar as part of an ongoing webinar series.


Racing to keep up with new systems, structures, and policies is a test of endurance that often leaves employees feeling disempowered and disengaged. Significant costs related to the whitewater of change include absenteeism, reduced productivity, conflict, lawsuits, and sabotage. In this atmosphere, leaders endlessly struggle to establish a strategic rhythm while helping their employees do the same. High performing organizations have now recognized that they must help their employees establish a new relationship with change by combining mindfulness practice, critical reflection, and innovative technologies to foster continuous, proactive transformation. That’s what this webinar is all about.
Priority number one includes hiring, developing and retaining talent capable of personal and collaborative reflection upon both personal and strategic assumptions. The inherent value of reflective practice includes letting go of pride and instead embracing experimentation, so that as much as we enjoy being “right” today we appreciate being proven wrong tomorrow. This type of culture often transcends the organization, and ultimately attracts the type of talent required to make leaps in organizational performance.



William T. Brendel