OD Values for the Future

July 31 2020, 12:00 - 1:00PM ET

AHRMIO is pleased to share, from one of it’s partners, Pennsylvania State University, the following webinar as part of an ongoing webinar series.


As OD practitioners, it is crucial for us to follow fundamental values of OD, such as humanism and democracy. A practice without these elements won’t be OD. This webinar will share a list of nine OD values for the future that are identified through a Delphi study involving 43 OD practitioners and researchers who practice 57 countries collectives. In identifying the values, the study team adopted the following guiding principles:

  1. We are identifying OD values for the future.
  2. OD values should guide how we practice OD.
  3. OD values can distinguish OD from other practices.
  4. We are identifying professional values for the OD field, not personal values of OD practitioners.
  5. OD values should encompass instrumental (how we function) and terminal values (what we pursue).
  6. OD value labels should be clear and easily understood by OD professionals as well as the client.

This webinar will explain the process of the Delphi study, share the list of nine values along with the corresponding descriptions and behavioral indicators. Ideas for utilizing the values for OD practice and education will be shared among the participants. After the webinar, participants will have the chance to self-assess the level of utilization of the values.



Hyung Joon Yoon