Mean Men and what to do about them

Hosted by AHRMIO
10 May 2018 — 8 AM (EDT)/1 PM British Summer Time (BST)/2 PM (CEDT)

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Steve Jobs, Harvey Weinstein, Lance Armstrong. Each one reached the pinnacle of American success. Is it because they were ambitious visionaries and talented entrepreneurs? Most Americans would say yes to both. But what else do they have in common?

They’re known for being mean.

Though heralded as great leaders, each of these men and many more have also been exposed as toxic, raging, and manipulative. Yet, because America – and other countries – loves a winner, we look past even the most outrageous behavior from our heroes if it generates a gold medal, a windfall IPO, or a political victory. But at what price does our complicity come? And what role does gender play—is meanness at this level reserved for men?

Drawing on author Mark Lipton’s extensive experience as adviser to major corporations, start-ups, government agencies, and not-for-profits, Mean Men synthesizes decades of psychological research to expose what really drives this subset of leaders. As surprising as it is alarming, the book reveals dark truths about a psychological disorder that rules many of our boardrooms, and challenges the status quo with a more effective humanistic approach to leadership.

Mean Men has just won the 2018 Best Business Commentary Book Award!



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