AHRMIO webinar

"Gender Pay Gap Study"

6 February 2018 - 10AM to 11AM EST / 4PM to 5PM CET

An executive summary of the webinar presentation can be found here

That women earn considerably less than men, even for the same job, is well established at the level of countries and industries. Increasingly, large companies and institutions are examining their own diversity and inclusion policies to understand whether they are sufficient to guarantee pay equality. In this talk, Jishnu Das and Clement Joubert will discuss the results of a study that examines differences in salaries at the World Bank Group across men and women and across Part 1 and Part 2 staff. The study draws on data on all employees between 1987 and 2015, and highlights the relative contribution of multiple factors to current salary gaps:

  • Staff composition: Men and women are hired into different grades
  • Entry salaries: Men and women hired into the same grade earn different salaries when joining the World Bank Group
  • Salary growth: The salaries of men and women hired into the same grade grow at different rates
  • Attrition: Staff who leave the World Bank Group come from different parts of the salary distribution depending on their sex or nationality

Das and Joubert will discuss broad patterns in the data and the results of the decomposition exercise.

This study is the result of a joint initiative between the Development Research Group, the Gender CCSA, and Human Resources. Funding was provided by DEC, the Gender CCSA, and Human Resources. The authors of the analysis are Jishnu Das (Lead Economist), Clement Joubert (Economist), and Florian Sander Tordoir (Consultant at time of study)

Download the World Bank Gender Pay Gap Study Report

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