Don’t Ditch your Performance Evaluation Just Yet!

AHRMIO Webinar, 25 October 2018 Traditional performance management (PM) is no longer suited for today’s organizations. With infrequent feedback, the perception of biased and subjective ratings, and its backward-looking approach, the Annual Performance Review is a poor driver of performance and unsuited for today’s work context. Carissa Palmer and Liz Woods, presented McLean & Company’s…

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Beyond Learning – supporting performance, building engagement

AHRMIO Webinar, 21 June 2018 Nick Shackleton-Jones During his career, Nick met many different types of organizations, public, private, international, … but that had common challenges. They all wanted to modernize learning, but were not sure how to go about it. This very interactive AHRMIO seminar started by immediately applying Nick’s main focus: user-centricity! Participants…

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Updated Privacy Policy

At AHRMIO, we greatly value and respect your privacy. As such, we would like to take this opportunity to inform you that our Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy have been updated to: take into account the introduction of the European Union General Data Protection Regulation on 25 May 2018; clarify the manner in which your…

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The Hidden Behaviours of Mean Men

What triggered Mark Lipton to research toxic behaviours of leaders? Working with several initially charming, but controlling, ruthless, abusive or narcissistic young entrepreneurial CEOs increased Mark’s interest in psychology.

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Post a Job on AHRMIO Website

AHRMIO was proud to announce the launch of its new website recently that sends out a clear message of who we are and what we stand for. We have introduced a range of new features, among which include a new job page for you to post available job vacancies within your organisations and gain access…

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Transformative leadership in international organizations
– How far are we?

Effective leadership is fundamental to strengthen international organizations’ (IOs’) relevance. In 2017, the UN System Chief Executive Board for Coordination issued a comprehensive ‘blueprint’ for leadership tailored to IOs’ unique institutional and operational characteristics. To understand the potential of the framework as trigger for change, and to stimulate further discussion on how to best use…

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Moving Your Organization Forward but Resist the Hype

Every innovation is a recombination of older innovations. Even the lowly paperclip is only possible to produce because previous inventors understood how to make steel, not to mention the machine tools used to make every paperclip identical. But making new technologies work often requires innovations in older, established technologies. The Model T allowed Ford Motorcar…

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AHRMIO Welcomes MSH International as a New Sponsor

We are proud to welcome MSH International into the AHRMIO community as a new sponsor, effective from 1st January 2018. MSH International has supported some of our AHRMIO members over the years and fully understands our values and ethos and what we are about. This new sponsorship is a critical component towards our efforts as…

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