Revathi Raghavan

With over 15 years as a Global HR professional, Revathi embodies the belief that intentional investment in an organization’s people equates to endless success. People and trusting relationships are enablers in delivering a business vision and strategy with meaningful impact.

Her current role as Global Lead Organizational Performance & Assessments, The World Bank Group, involves leading the World Bank Group’s performance management, engagement survey, and the 360 leadership assessment and developing innovative approaches to each that incorporate best industry practices. Previously, she led the development of the organization’s talent management strategy with a focused approach on ensuring outcomes-related linkages with other HR processes.  Prior to this, she worked in International Finance Corporation, a private sector arm of the World Bank group, where she designed the incentives framework for their core operational staff. Her HR journey began in the private sector with General Electric (GE), training and development of new recruits.