Marc Esteve

Marc Esteve is an Associate professor in International Public management at the UCL School of Public Policy, where he also directs de MPA in Public Administration and Management. In addition, he is also a visiting Associate Professor at ESADE Business School, in the department of General Management and Strategy.

He received his PhD in management sciences from ESADE Business School-Ramon Llull University in 2012, and prior to coming to UCL, he was a visiting research fellow at Cardiff Business School (2011), and a postdoc at the Institute of Public Governance and Management (ESADE Business School). Dr Esteve’s primary research interests have focused on understanding how individual characteristics influence decision making, specifically in interorganizational collaborations. He is currently delving more deeply into the mechanisms and effects of personality in the context of collaboration; his present research involves a study that explores the role of core personality variables on the outcomes of collaborations by using experimental designs.