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HR Shaping the New Future

20th May 2021 – Happy #InternationalHRday from all of us at AHRMIO! The theme of IHRD 2021 and the topic of this exciting…

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The Future of Work and Digital Wellbeing – Protecting Employees in a Covid-19 shaped world

One of the red threads of AHRMIO’s year 2020 has been the growing concern about mental health and wellbeing. Throughout the year, several discussions with members, webinars and sessions during our Leadership Series looked at different aspects of this important issue for many of AHRMIO’s member organisations.

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Doing Well and Doing Good

How can HR help to develop sustainable leadership across the organisation?
Some leaders see the SDGs as a compelling alternative growth model.

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The issue of Pensions in International Organizations

Ahead of the 2019 AHRMIO annual conference, one of our members, Janine Rivals, Honorary Vice-President of AMFIE, sheds some light on a burning topic: “Pensions”

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