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Networking Sessions (Annual Conference 6/9)

Tuesday’s conference programme featured three formal networking sessions, all designed to let delegates look at some practical aspects of HR related issues.

Making Work Fun!

Social networking technology, and particularly social gaming, give some clues about how we might engage with, and motivate, the workforce. Cliff Dennett of Soshi Games explained that a number of

dynamics, common in game design are finding their way into real life and can be
useful in considering process design in Human Resources. The first one is the
appointment dynamic, where players are encouraged to return at specific times
to conduct specific tasks. If they don't return at specific times, they'll lose
out relative to their peers. Actively building appointments into process design
can maintain interest in the project.

Another key issue was the need for things to be fun. Fun is a word not usually associated with work, but the examples Cliff used demonstrated how really serious problems can be solved through the power

of play.

Easy Eloquence

Following her successful networking sessions at the AHRMIO conference in Paris last year, Susan Huskisson returned to share her expertise on

presentation skills “Easy Eloquence for the People Who Hate Public Speaking but
Love the Applause.”

The session focused on two areas of presentations that most people continually get wrong – stage fright and style (body language and voice). She demonstrated techniques to overcome performance

stress and ways to look and sound more like a leader.


Michael Hathorn, a partner of the consulting firm Optimis HCM, discussed leadership expectations. He reviewed a recent study of leadership competencies and leadership expectations. He also explained the development of leadership

competency models and how these are used in organizations. He ended by having
the session’s participants share their own experiences of working with competency

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