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Mariana Popov

Rome, Italy

Sinead Harvey

New York, NY, United States

Regina Pawlik

New York, NY, United States

Celine Ancelet

New York, France

Berengere Neyroud

New York, United States Minor…

Ruth de Miranda

New York, NY, United States

Victor Kisob

New York, NY, United States

Mary Dellar

Brooklyn, NY, United States

Nabil Gangi

Budapest, Hungary

Gregory C. Flood

Pittsboro, NC, United States

Duncan Barclay

New York, NY, United States

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Important note about membership

It is important for all AHRMIO web community members to know that joining the AHRMIO web community and becoming an individual AHRMIO member are two different things.

All staff members of AHRMIO member organizations are eligible to have access to the “Members only” section of the AHRMIO website, thus joining the AHRMIO web community, provided that they use their professional email addresses.
However, being a member of the web community does not grant the status of being an individual AHRMIO member. To become an individual member, you should complete the Individual Membership Application form and, if accepted, pay the annual membership fee of USD 200.- . Individual members are entitled to the following privileges, in addition to being members of the web community: Learn more.

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